Monday, September 1, 2014

Hudson Clove Open

I've been away for over three weeks, in Minnesota, taking care of the house and to a lesser extent Rex, my father in law. Now, back in Brooklyn, it's time to take care of the garlic. First things first, make a new bundle -The Each and Every Bundle, named as such because it has one of every variety in it -a first!

I did not have a stellar year as yields were down about 45% from the number of cloves planted. Spring time rot is the usual culprit. I have to, finally, ask myself if the humid maritime climate is not the real culprit. The second problem is rot in the curing stage -a dry rot, leaving the bulb an empty wrapper. After Minnesota, I returned to find this the case in at least some of the bulbs.

Problems aside, the store has opened. I have a quite limited supply this season, maybe only twenty five to thirty bundles. Pricing is the same as at last season's New Amsterdam Market, each head is going for two dollars, the labeling of each variety and bundling priced at five dollars, and of course shipping. As practiced, this love affair with garlic has been a financial loser. In fact, garlic growing may be on hiatus this coming season as changes in location are on tap. Like Hudson Clove on FB to stay posted, and as these changes are put into action, I will also keep you informed here.

A big hearty thank you to all those repeat customers who have supported my garlic farming! It's nice to see your order pop up on my mobile banner as soon as the store opens.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Frog Rescue

There were six large frogs stuck in the window pit. Now there are none. 

I apologize for the less frequent blogging. There is no internet service at our place in Minnesota. Soon another story. Soon. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Farm Park

Minneapolis has a farm within its park system, Gale Woods Farm.

They raise cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens, in addition to a number of crops. They expose school groups to farming and offer volunteer opportunities. The park is about 15 minutes from our place.

You can buy pastured meats at a fraction of the NYC price (5 lb leg of lamb -$36). As far as I know this is unique to the region, is hardly known even to locals, and is a great resource in a region that has not quite made pastured meats accessible to the urban population. Food is generally more expensive in the Minneapolis region than it is in NYC, variety is dismal, international foods are harder to come by, and produce is not well-stocked or good looking. There is a grand farmers' market in Minneapolis, but it's a drive into downtown. Fortunately, smaller markets are popping up including one in our town despite the fairly short season.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lily Pad

 You might find a frog on the side of the porch. It happens.

 But would you expect to find one inside a day lily?

Hiding spot, feeding hole, great place to meet the opposite sex?

 Do you leap in a single bound or climb the stalk, waiting for the flower to open it's doors?

And do they know the doors close after dark?